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Improve Your WebSite Ranking With Alexa, Google & More!!



Have you heard of If you have been working to improve your website's search engine placement, then I am SURE you know who they are. If not, is owned by Internet giant Alexa is designed to "RANK" websites by their popularity (number of visitors), incoming links, etc. Alexa uses the Google search engine and other search engines to gather this information to see which websites are getting the most traffic. Based on the information that they receive, they place the sites in a ranking list from 1 to 6 million.

The top sites, like Yahoo, eBay, Microsoft, all know that "Traffic Ranking" and search engine placement is the "KEY" to building their internet presence. Popularity is based on Traffic. The MORE people that visit your site, the MORE people will review your service or product, which means the MORE people will BUY what you have to sell - Lots of visitors create more visitors. Be it a new computer, skin cream, a diet supplement, the latest DVD, or simply some form of information, ALL these have one thing in common. NO Traffic, NO Sales.... And lots of traffic begets lots of traffic -
like rabbits, website "hits" reach the point where they become a self-fulfilling prophecy... and almost "accidentally" become a thriving business venture.

By improving your ranking and search engine placement, you will build your web site traffic which in turn will make MORE Sales. There are many ways to build your site's traffic, but when first starting, it is very difficult. Rank Enhancer can help speed things up, whether you site just went online, or your site has been around for years!

* NOTE: is owned by - This product is NOT an Alexa product, but it affects the way a web site is ranked by Alexa.

We are the ONLY company that is providing TESTED PROXY LISTS for Rank Enhancer. Unlike others who are selling this program, we provide a fresh proxy list with your purchase. To keep the program running efficiently, we also maintain up-to-date proxy lists which you can purchase individually, or by subscription. Rank Enhancer will NOT work properly without an updated proxy list, and it needs this list to be updated at least on a monthly basis. The PROOF that what we say here is TRUE, and that the program with our proxy lists works as we say here, is for you to Google the term "Rank Enhancer". We come up in the TOP (FIRST) position - ABOVE the company that originally developed the program!



$29.95 USD



Q & A Before We Continue: What is a Proxy Server?


In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) which services the requests of its clients by forwarding requests to other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. The proxy server provides the resource by connecting to the specified server and requesting the service on behalf of the client. A proxy server may optionally alter the client's request or the server's response, and sometimes it may serve the request without contacting the specified server. In this case, it would 'cache' the first request to the remote server, so it could save the information for later, and make everything as fast as possible.


A proxy server that passes all requests and replies unmodified is usually called a gateway or sometimes tunneling proxy.


A proxy server can be placed in the user's local computer or at specific key points between the user and the destination servers or the Internet.

( from ).



In layman's terms, a Proxy Server is a computer network that is geographically close to you, that serves-up files that have been requested by you previously, or by users in your geographical area. This allows users in a particular neighborhood in New York, for example, to quickly access files located in Hanoi, or Bahrain, or Sri Lanka, without having to request those pages from the (remote) host server - IF - those pages have been requested from users in that area before. The more popular a Web site is, the better the chances are that its pages will be stored on your (local) Proxy server. For example, since almost everyone uses Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL search engines, many pages for these sites can be found on almost every Proxy Server on the planet.


What this incredible piece of software does is to access the proxy servers in its list, and "simulate" page requests for URLs you provide (your Web site URLs), and make it seem like users in whatever part of the world that the accessed proxy server is located, are "hitting" your Web site - and it does this without actually loading your Web site's pages!! In other words, the bandwidth of your Web site is NOT affected by this process.



Press "PLAY" to see a 9-minute presentation of how OUR version of this software works.


Rank Enhancer Creates Website "Hits" Without Impacting Bandwidth

Rank Enhancer has found a way to help you improve your ranking and placement by using special technology that tricks the ranking systems into thinking that thousands of visitors are coming to your website. When crawls the proxy servers, and sees all this activity, that helps move you up the search-engine ladder. All of this is done without actually loading your Web pages like the FFA lists and Autosurf programs do. This means that using this program (or leaving it running continuously) will NOT impact the bandwidth restrictions of your Web site.

We came across this technology in other software products. So we tracked down the programmers and bought the rights and had them create special software just for us.


But Isn't This Cheating?

In a word.... YEP! - But it all depends on how you define "cheating". In a world of relativistic morality, YOU make the decision... YOU make the decision based upon how successful you want your Web site-based business to be. It is only a matter of time before many more people than are now aware of this technology begin using it to increase their Search Engine ratings. The longer you put off using this tool, the more you will struggle with other, more expensive methods to increase your business - and you will be fighting howitzers with pea-shooters; you will be spending your time posting ads and answering thousands of "confirmation" eMails (not that this method doesn't work) instead of boosting your "apparent" hits on "autopilot" as this program does.


Will my sites be banned from the Search Engines for using this software?

I'm sure that the people at Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, et al., know about Rank Enhancer.... and they're not busting their brains over it.... not YET, at least. And even if they embarked on an all-out campaign to BAN all the Web sites that used Rank Enhancer to boost their Alexa ratings from their search engines, they would FIRST have to come up with a way to IDENTIFY those sites. The trouble (for them) is that there is simply NO WAY TO TELL whether a request for a Web page on a Proxy Server came from an actual user browsing your Web site, or if it came from YOU using this software.


 The answer to the question is, "NO".


And so we see that this ONE little software application has rendered the Alexa Ranking System invalid, and all but obsolete. It is all a matter of time. Almost gone are the days when a large company with an unlimited advertising budget is able to completely submerge the little-guy competition to the depths of the Search Engine abyss.


Fair? Cheating? Unethical? Sneaky? Under-handed? - Gimme' a break!


How Does Rank Enhancer Boost My Sales?


Indirectly. Rank Enhancer is NOT a sales tool. It is NOT an e-Mail marketing tool; neither does it place any ads, or generate any entries in the FFA lists. What this tool does is improve your Search Engine rankings. Depending on how you set it up, and how often and how long you use it, and also depending upon the keywords, content, and SEO-friendliness of your Web site, your site will start to move up in the Search Engine rankings. This is important, because no matter how great your Web site is, it won't get seen on a Google or Yahoo search if it is on page #697 of 1042.


If you need marketing tools (and stuff to sell, and other ways to make money) you need to visit my Web site at and read the Web Site Tools section.


How Rank Enhancer Works


We have a Special Edition of the Rank Enhancer archive, which is available ONLY via this Web site. We have not changed the program as originally supplied by the manufacturer, but we have enhanced it with the addition of several files - including these detailed instructions - which are NOT included with the program that is available from the manufacturer, or anywhere else on the Web.


When you first start OUR Rank Enhancer for the first time, you will be presented with a blank screen identical to the one shown on the left.


You begin at STEP 1.


You can type a URL into the URL TO SEND TO box and click the ADD button.

Here I have typed the URL for one of my Web sites:* and pressed the ADD button.


Notice that you do NOT include the "http://" if the Web site has "www" in the URL.


The ONLY time you must use the "http://" is when there is no "www" in the URL; for example:
* or*



* (actual sites I own)


You can add as many URLs to the list this way as you want. Here I have manually added several URL's and selected Rotate ALL URLs from the drop-down selector dialog box at the bottom. I have entered 300 and 9000 into the USERS boxes. This limits the hourly "hits" generated by the software (You should leave these at 0)


However, it is easier to create a .txt file with all the URLs in it, then use the LOAD DOMAIN button to load the list into the software.


You can create several lists, and each time you use the LOAD DOMAIN button, that file will be appended to the list. The program's URL list will be stored in:
C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\URL-List.txt

I have now selected STEP 2 button, and selected 15 from the THREADS drop-down box. This number controls how many iterations of the program will be running.


Selecting any number but 1 means that multiple sessions of the program will be running (in memory). Selecting 15 in this case is the functional equivalent of having 15 computers running Rank Enhancer simultaneously.


I have highlighted my own Proxy List from the SELECT PROXY LIST box (see the following text to see how to create your own Proxy list, and / or use the huge list we supply with the program).

Selecting STEP 3 and clicking START will begin the program. If you have limited your USERS PER HOUR / MAXIMUM USERS as I did in STEP 1, the software (and each iteration running) will limit itself to those parameters.


Proxy servers which return positive acknowledgements to the "tap" at the requested URL will return "OK" in the GENERATION RESULTS window. This means that the URL currently requested is now cached on that particular Proxy server.


A return of N/A ("Not Available") means that the requested page (URL) could not be fetched from the Proxy server, or the Proxy server is not available.


You can delete any of the URLs in the list by highlighting the URL in the window, and pressing DELETE. However, if you have loaded hundreds or even thousands of URLs from a .txt file, it is easier to "zero" the entire list by navigating to the Rank Enhancer directory, which will be located at:
C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files
and loading the file URL-List.txt into Windows WordPad Edit Pad Lite, or any text editor or Word Processor. In the text editor, simply SELECT ALL, press DELETE to erase all the URLs from the list and then SAVE the file with the original name as an empty text file. The next time you start Rank Enhancer, your URL list box will be empty.

Creating a URL List for Your Web Site(s)

To create a URL list for your own Web site, your Web site should be online and operational. Start your browser and a text editor program, and size each program window to fit on half the screen. Now browse to the pages on your Web site that you want included in the URL list, then cut & paste the URL from your browser's URL window to the text editor. You can include as many URLs in the list as you want.


When you are done with the list, save it (so you won't lose it), then use the SEARCH & REPLACE function of the text editor to SEARCH FOR http://www and replace it with www


Save the file in
C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files
with any name you choose as a .txt file. You will load this file with the LOAD DOMAIN function, and the program will then copy (append) all the URLs to its working URL file

C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\URL-List.txt when the program is started.

This file is the list of URLs the program uses to "tap" the Proxy servers with.


The "default" Proxy lists provided with OUR package here includes BOTH the "default" proxy list that originally comes with the software as supplied by the manufacturer, and our own list of VERIFIED proxy servers - over 9,000 VERIFIED Proxy servers!!


The Proxy list is what makes the software work - a short, outdated proxy list will waste time with "IP not found" errors (N/A responses) and will not yield the most effective results. OUR list is updated regularly from Proxy lists available on the Internet from Proxy List Providers. As we use this software constantly ourselves, we update the Proxy list frequently so that the list provided in the download archive will be up-to-date when you get it.

Creating Your Own Proxy List

The original program archive supplies a list of approximately 2,600 proxy servers. The list as originally supplied is over 6 years old, and is outdated and hardly works anymore.


We have supplied our own list of over 9,000 verified Proxy servers from almost every country on planet Earth for you to use. There are no duplicate entries in this list. It is unlikely that you will need any more than this, however, as time goes on, you may want to compile a different list of proxy servers, or append your own Proxy servers to this list.


Please note that as the proxy list grows, it takes more time to cycle through all of the servers in the list - particularly if you are submitting more than just a few URLs. The list we provide in the archive is designed for a user who will let the program run continuously and / or is dedicating a machine for full-time use with Rank Enhancer. If you cannot allow the program to run continuously, we suggest that you split the file into several manageable pieces (see below).


There are hundreds of free proxy lists available on the Internet. See  Proxy List Providers. You can use any of these you wish; in fact, it is a good idea to have several proxy lists available to you, and run Rank Enhancer with each of these lists in "rotation". In fact, the proxy list we supply with this package are split into six proxy lists, and you can run Rank Enhancer each day with a different proxy list, or run six copies of Rank Enhancer; one for each list. In this way, you can be sure that each of the servers gets "hit" at least once, and that the program cycles through all of the URLs in your URL file during the time you allocate to run the program.

Adding Proxy Servers to the Proxy List

As time goes on, you may want to (and you should) add Proxy servers to the list, or use an entirely different Proxy List. There is no problem obtaining a list of servers (they are free on the Internet); the problem is culling out duplicate entries, and the non-responding servers from the list you compile. To do this, gather your list of NEW Proxy servers and save the list to:
C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\Proxy.txt (overwrite the existing file) and take note of the SIZE of the file (Kilobytes) by opening the folder in Windows Explorer.


Run Rank Enhancer with ONE URL in the rotation (select Use Selected URL from the drop-down dialog box in STEP 1) and ONE Thread (select 1 from the Threads drop-down dialog box in STEP 2) until the size of the current session file at:
C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Sessions\Session_mm_dd_yy.txt

is at least THREE TIMES the size of the new Proxy Server list you just saved.


Stop the program and load the current session file into your word processor or text editor. This list of URLs is the program's output for verified, working Proxy servers that responded "OK" to the program's "tap" with your URL. This list will contain duplicate URLs, and in order to make the program more efficient, those duplicates should be culled from the list. You can do this manually with a short list, by finding where the list repeats the first (top) entry, and deleting the rest. However, with long lists, it is much simpler to cull the duplicates using a spreadsheet program. The following instructions will show you how to do this with Microsoft Excel, although any spreadsheet program should be able to do this.


(Requires Microsoft Excel, or other Spreadsheet Program)



First, SAVE the current list as


Then open Microsoft Excel, or whatever spreadsheet program you have, then cut & paste the entire list into the spreadsheet.


In Excel:

Select DATA and select  FILTER / ADVANCED FILTER from the drop-down menu.


The dialog boxes may be different for other spreadsheet programs and for different versions of
Excel. Refer to your program documentation or help menu under "delete duplicates" or "duplicate entries".

You should see the Advanced Filter dialog box.


Check the Unique records only box.

(it doesn't matter what is in the List Range box)


Click on OK


The duplicate records will now be deleted from the list.


You now have a Proxy list that contains no duplicates, and is ready to be saved as a USER-DEFINED Proxy list file.


You can now save the file as your own Proxy List.

Select SAVE AS from the FILE menu.


Navigate to the

C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\ directory.

Give the Proxy file a Name ending with the .txt extension such as MyNewProxyList.txt


Select Unicode Text (*.txt) from the Save as type drop-down menu.


Click OK or SAVE to save the file.


Exit your spreadsheet program and reply NO to the dialog box that asks you if you want to save the spreadsheet file.



If you have loaded many URLs into Rank Enhancer, note that the program will cycle through every URL (If you have Rotate ALL URLs selected) for each Proxy server in the list. This process can take many hours - even weeks to complete - and it is why we recommend that you leave the computer powered on, and the program running continuously; if you shut the computer off and restart it later, or exit Rank Enhancer, when the program is restarted, it will not pick up where it left off. Instead, the program will start from the beginning. The result of this is that some of the URLs in the rotation may never get "sent to", and some of the Proxy servers in the list may never get used. I use an old PC that I had lying around, and use it to run Rank Enhancer continuously - 24 / 7 - with 15 Threads selected (Rank Enhancer STEP 2).


Note that MOST Pentium-class machines with at least 512Mb of memory can handle 15 iterations (15 Threads selected in STEP 2) of Rank Enhancer running. If there is nothing else running on the machine, you can start another COPY of Rank Enhancer, and use a different URL list and a different Proxy list, and run as many COPIES as your PC and Internet connection will handle. See "Neat Trick", below. However, doing this eventually slows the programs down for lack of system resources and/or lack of Internet bandwidth (such as on a dial-up or DSL line), and you reach a point of diminishing returns.


Rank Enhancer Files and Functions
The following list refers to location of files in the installed program


C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\URL-List.txt  - The URL list the program creates & uses in its submissions.
C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\
Proxy.txt       - The Proxy server list the program creates & uses. This list

C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Files\Proxy-List.txt - This file contains the path & filename of the currently used Proxy list.

C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Sessions\SessionsGoHere.txt - Program comment file ("read me").


C:\Program Files\RankEnhancer\RankEnhancer\Sessions\Session_mm_dd_yy.txt - List of all the good Proxy sites that responded "OK" to the program's "taps". The mm_dd_yy in the file name are the month / day / year the file was created. You can use this list as a Proxy List because it contains ONLY the Proxy servers that responded "OK" to the program's pings. In order to create a good list from the session files, you must delete all the duplicate entries. See "Creating a Proxy List", "Adding Proxy Servers", and "Culling Duplicates" (above).


A Final "Neat Trick" with Rank Enhancer

Another neat thing you can do with Rank Enhancer that is not mentioned in the original program's documentation (which is sadly, essentially non-existent), is that you can run MULTIPLE copies of the program (if your PC's resources permit it). Below is a screen shot of six (6) COPIES of Rank Enhancer running simultaneously, each set to a different URL, using the Proxy Server list we supply as part of the package. Also shown running is a copy of AdBlaster, which automatically posts advertisements for my Web sites (the software is no longer available). In my case, I have devoted an old Compaq Deskpro I no longer use, to run these programs simultaneously and continuously; that is all that particular PC is used for.


Visit the Alexa website at  If your site is not ranked yet, enter your web address into the system so that the Alexa engine can crawl your Web site and start gathering the required information. To have these statistics continuously available, you need to register with Alexa (free of charge) and upload a small text file to your Web site. The Alexa site explains how to do this.

This product sells for $39.95 elsewhere on the Internet. We are offering this product for $29.95 and are including this enhanced documentation, and a list of over 9,000 tested & working proxy sites in addition to the "default" proxy list supplied by the manufacturer. This will enable you to blast your Web site URLs to Proxy servers practically every civilized country on the planet.


This software tricks these proxy servers into maintaining your Web site pages in their system "cache", which has the added effect of making your pages load faster for the end-users because each user does not have to go to your IPP to fetch the pages; they are served out by their ISP's local proxy servers.

We also include this enhanced program documentation that will enable even a novice use this program to its full potential right away.

I have seen some really amazing software in my 38 years in the computer business, but this piece of software is simple, compact, and is a "must have" for every Webmaster trying to establish a significant "footprint" in Cyberspace.



This file delivered in ZIP Format.

You must have PK-Zip, Win-Zip or similar program to unzip this file.



The file is compatible with all IBM Machines.

This software is not compatible with MAC, Linux, or any other non-Microsoft operating system.
Requires one of the following operating systems:
Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP

The file is electronically coded to discourage unauthorized distribution (you may copy it for archival purposes)




The distributor / seller of this software represents that there is no warranty express or implied as regards the workability of this software for the user's intended purposes. It is the end-user's responsibility to determine compatibility with his / her equipment prior to purchase. The distributor / seller assumes no responsibility for any problems or damages arising from the use or misuse of this software. Use of the software and other products contained within this archive is entirely at the customer's own risk.


You are 100% Guaranteed to be happy with this software.


I have Personally used this software on my PCs to improve my Alexa Rankings

I can confidently make this promise: If you are HONESTLY NOT HAPPY with this software after using it for 30 days, we will refund your purchase*

            * Everyone who has used OUR version of this product has raved about it, and NONE of our customers has ever requested a refund.



$29.95 USD




When you click one of the Payment Buttons (above), you will be taken to a checkout system to purchase your product. As soon as your payment is received and confirmed, a redirect screen will appear while your purchase is being prepared and uploaded to our server. After a short wait, you will be taken to the download screen from where you can download your purchase. This Rank Enhancer product comes with the LATEST OPTIMIZED PROXY LIST - and you can get updated lists or subscribe to the latest proxy lists.


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