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Proxy Lists for use to cloak your online identity, or
For use with Telson USA's version of Rank Enhancer



We are the ONLY company that is providing TESTED PROXY LISTS for Rank Enhancer. These lists are © COPYRIGHTED proprietary lists and are available nowhere else. The PROOF that what we say here is TRUE, and that the program with our proxy lists works as we say here, is for you to Google the term "Rank Enhancer". We come up in the TOP (FIRST) position - ABOVE the company that originally developed the program!

 An up-to-date proxy list is essential in order to gain maximum effectiveness of our Rank Enhancer. As time goes on, proxy servers change their URLs, get taken offline, or no longer fail to respond for any of a number of reasons. As the number of "N/A" responses to Rank Enhancer 'pings' grows, the effectiveness of the program slowly drops - until it is no longer "gaining ground" in the battle for SEO positioning. What we've done here is to make available to you, our unique list of VERIFIED Proxy Serve Lists - The number of URLs in the list varies from month to month as URLs that are no longer responding are dropped off the list, and newly-discovered responsive Proxy Servers are added to the list. Typically, there are over 10,000 unique, working proxy servers from all major countries on planet Earth in each list.


IMPORTANT: If you are using Rank Enhancer if you do NOT have an up-to-date Proxy list, you are NOT getting the full benefit of the software. The original manufacturer of the software included a Proxy List dated 10/08/2004, and left it up to the end-users to provide their own updated Proxy lists. Such an old and outdated Proxy list does not perform well; returning mostly "N/A" responses to the server "pings" sent out. This dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the software, and is probably the main reason why this software has been largely abandoned by users who do not know that Proxy lists MUST be kept current. This is no mean feat we devote three PCs full-time to the gathering, testing, and compiling of Proxy lists specifically designed for Rank Enhancer. Our Proxy List customers are enjoying the full benefit of this great little program, and their business (and ours) gets boosted in the Search Engine rankings as a result.


The following Proxy Lists will be e-mailed to your PayPal email address within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of payment.
(NOTE: If you purchase the Rank Enhancer Package  you will receive the latest Proxy List separately by eMail)

All of the Proxy Lists below are current up-to-date Proxy Lists
If you are BUYING a Proxy list, please check the date of your current list before purchasing


Buy Special Package

RANK ENHANCER & PROXY LIST PACKAGE - Get the Rank Enhancer program which includes our own Operating Instructions, video, and the latest Proxy List $29.95


SUBSCRIBE - Click to subscribe to OPTIMIZED Proxy List - For use with Rank Enhancer. This list contains from 10,000 to 20,000 or more unique Proxy Servers, is no more than 2 days old, and has been tested to return over 95% "OK" to server "pings" by Rank Enhancer. We will automatically send you an email with a new, optimized list at least twice a month for as long as your subscription is active.





SPECIAL - Buy a list - get a 30-day subscription FREE

PURCHASE - Click to buy OPTIMIZED Proxy List - For use with Rank Enhancer. This list typically contains from 10,000 to 20,000 or more unique Proxy Servers, is no more than 2 days old, and has been tested to return over 95% "OK" to server "pings" by Rank Enhancer. This option lets you upgrade your Rank Enhancer Proxy list at any time.



OUR PROMISE: Telson USA certifies that our OPTIMIZED Proxy Lists are 100% compatible with Rank Enhancer, since the lists are generated from Rank Enhancer Session files. Our Rank Enhancer-optimized Proxy lists typically return from 95 to 100 percent "OK" responses to Rank Enhancer 'pings' when they are first distributed. Typically, as time goes on, Proxy Server URLs become unresponsive, and the Rank Enhancer program using the list becomes less efficient. This is why it is important to use a current Proxy List when running Rank Enhancer. For those of you who want to cull your Proxy Lists of unresponsive Proxy Servers, we recommend you generate a new Master Proxy List from your Rank Enhancer Session files using our proprietary Proxy URL List Processor software (see below). You can also create your own Rank Enhancer -optimized Proxy Lists from the RAW proxy lists using our proprietary software.


WE USE WHAT WE SELL: We would not sell anything to you that we wouldn't use ourselves. We use Rank Enhancer and our lists continuously to promote our Web sites, and Web sites for Contract Customers.



Get the Proxy List Program We Use!

    We have an intelligent proxy retrieval program that can extract proxies from various proxy sites and proxy forums even if the proxies are in an attachment. The software includes a proxy tester module that is especially designed for huge lists. It extracts the unique proxies from a huge file (which may contain duplicate entries) and rapidly classifies them into 3 levels according to their anonymity. The leech list URLs and proxyjudge list are maintained for you. This ensures that it is an effortless task for you to find proxies.

    Proxy forums are the best places to obtain fresh proxies, but it takes too much time (more than 50 minutes for 10 forums) to read the new topics and download the attachments or cut & paste the IP addresses into a usable list. Culling duplicates and testing the proxies is another time-consuming task. This software does all the dirty work for you. It automatically extracts all the fresh proxies for you and tests and sorts them. It is fast, stable, and easy to use. If you often need a great amount of fresh proxies, you definitely need this.

  • Powers My-Proxy ( daily fresh proxy lists.

  • In My-Proxy Forum (, many users share their classified proxy lists with others every day.

  • We use this program to fetch, test, and compile Proxy lists for Rank Enhancer. Read about how we do it.

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Download 7-day Trial of Personal Edition
Download 7-day Trial of Network Edition



Did you know your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you.

Hide My IP allows you to surf anonymously
, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button.

When your computer connects to the Internet normally, it is assigned an IP address by your Internet Service Provider. This IP address is used to keep track of your communications with all websites or any program that connects to the Internet. This is known as a Direct Internet Connection.

When you install and run Hide My IP on your computer, it will modify your Internet Connection Settings, telling your computer to make connections through a Fake IP Relay provided by Hide My IP.




Proxy URL List Processor {P.U.L.P}

This program simplifies and automates the process of constructing Master Proxy Lists from Rank Enhancer Session Files. The program automatically creates a file which contains the entire contents of all the Session files currently in the Rank Enhancer Sessions folder. The program then reads the entire file into the PC’s memory, and removes all duplicate entries, creating a new Master Proxy List. As an option, the Master Proxy List can be split into any number of "bite-size" pieces so that multiple Rank Enhancer programs running concurrently may have a different piece of the list to work with.

PULP eliminates the need for manually appending and / or editing Session Files with a word processor or text editor. It eliminates the need to use limited-capacity spreadsheet programs to eliminate duplicate entries. It saves you hours of tedious editing work, and drastically improves the efficiency of Rank Enhancer.

If you purchase PULP now, you will be automatically upgraded to another version of the program which will be able to operate on RAW Proxy lists as well.

Web Site URL Lister {W.U.R.L.}

This program is for use by Webmasters who have an editable copy of their Web site on their Personal Computer (or for those who can download entire Web sites using Front Page™, et al. This program takes the *.htm or *.html filenames of all the files in a directory you point it to, and appends the filename to the root URL you specify. This results in a text file with all of the complete URLs in your Web site - ready to load into Rank Enhancer as a URL list. When the resultant text file is loaded into the (included) text editor, you will have clickable links ready to cut & paste, or to do with as you wish. An indispensable tool which saves many hours of editing to create a complete URL list of your Web site.

Proxy List Editor Tool {P.L.E.T}

For users who leech their own Raw Proxy Lists, we developed a tool for processing those lists into categorized lists which (optionally) include the user's copyright notice. This tool requires a Proxy Leech program (available separately).

* Rank Enhancer
© These instructions are Copyright 2008 - TelsonUSA Web Enterprises - All rights reserved
Violators of this copyright can be traced, and will be prosecuted
You DO NOT have resale rights to these instructions, or permission to copy or make "derivative works".

Visit our Digital Products Web site at:


Improve Your WebSite Ranking With Alexa, Google & More!!




Have you heard of If you have been working to improve your website's search engine placement, then I am SURE you know who they are. If not, is owned by Internet giant Alexa is designed to "RANK" websites by their popularity (number of visitors), incoming links, etc. Alexa uses the Google search engine and other search engines to gather this information to see which websites are getting the most traffic. Based on the information that they receive, they place the sites in a ranking list from 1 to 6 million.

The top sites, like Yahoo, eBay, Microsoft, all know that "Traffic Ranking" and search engine placement is the "KEY" to building their internet presence. Popularity is based on Traffic. The MORE people that visit your site, the MORE people will review your service or product, which means the MORE people will BUY what you have to sell - Lots of visitors create more visitors. Be it a new computer, skin cream, a diet supplement, the latest DVD, or simply some form of information, ALL these have one thing in common. NO Traffic, NO Sales.... And lots of traffic begets lots of traffic - like rabbits, website
"hits" reach the point where they become a self-fulfilling prophecy... and almost "accidentally" become a thriving business venture.

By improving your ranking and search engine placement, you will build your web site traffic which in turn will make MORE Sales. There are many ways to build your site's traffic, but when first starting, it is very difficult. Rank Enhancer can help speed things up, whether you site just went online, or your site has been around for years!

* NOTE: is owned by - This product is NOT an Alexa product, but it affects the way a web site is ranked by Alexa.



This file delivered in ZIP Format.

You must have PK-Zip, Win-Zip or similar program to unzip this file.



The file is compatible with all IBM Machines.

This software is not compatible with MAC, Linux, or any other non-Microsoft operating system.
Requires one of the following operating systems:
Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP

The file is electronically coded to discourage unauthorized distribution (you may copy it for archival purposes)




The distributor / seller of this software represents that there is no warranty express or implied as regards the workability of this software for the user's intended purposes. It is the end-user's responsibility to determine compatibility with his / her equipment prior to purchase. The distributor / seller assumes no responsibility for any problems or damages arising from the use or misuse of this software. Use of the software and other products contained within this archive is entirely at the customer's own risk.


You are 100% Guaranteed to be happy with this software.


I have Personally used this software on my PCs to improve my Alexa Rankings

I can confidently make this promise: If you are HONESTLY NOT HAPPY with this software after using it for 30 days, we will refund your purchase. 

Telson USA's Rank Enhancer Package

$29.95 USD
Program is supplied with 30-day subscription to latest Proxy Lists




When you click one of the Payment Buttons (above), you will be taken to a checkout system to purchase your product. As soon as your payment is received and confirmed, a redirect screen will appear while your purchase is being prepared and uploaded to our server. After a short wait, you will be taken to the download screen from where you can download your purchase. If this does NOT happen - not to worry - we always send a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours to make sure you get your software.


 Please help us feed hungry children in Vietnam

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